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Cough and Cold

  • Vicks VapoDrops + Cough

    Sore throats often arrive with a cough and blocked nose.

    Sniffles getting in the way of your romantic date? Or clearing your throat and coughing away to glory in the middle of a presentation? We’ve got just the thing for you – Introducing Vicks VapoDrops +Cough. It helps you get relief from not just blocked nose and sore throat, but also cough!

  • Vicks Vapodrops

    Pop a Vicks VapoDrop and get your voice back.

    Sniffling your nose all day long in meetings or when hanging out with friends? Launching into a coughing fit at the movies or on the train? Neither of these are going to make you very popular. But hey, don’t stop going anywhere just because of a nasty sore throat and stuffy nose.

    $1.49 RRP
    Vicks Vapodrops
  • Vicks Action Day & Night Relief

    When you have a cold and flu, half-measures won’t do. Take Vicks Action Day and Night relief, to get rid of both pain and cold symptoms.

    When you’re down with a cold and flu, don’t reach for half-measures. Vicks Action Day & Night Relief helps with both pain and cold, so you’re well covered from symptoms all day round.

    $12.99 RRP
    Day & Night Relief
  • Vicks Sinex

    Breathe free, breathe right

    A stuffy nose is no nose at all. Can you really spend the whole day – or night – breathing through your mouth?